Adopt a cat to snuggle with this Winter for just $50!!

Snuggle Season


Animal Welfare League NSW is giving everyone the opportunity to get snuggling this winter with the softest, downiest, loveliest and most loyal real life-warming pad ever.

At this time of year, sadly, the shelters are full to overflowing with surrendered cats and kittens of all shape, colour and variety and they all want to get snuggling as soon as possible with their own forever families.

To ensure that the shelters empty of cats and kittens as soon as possible and that all the current residents find loving homes this winter all cats and kittens will have their adoption fees discounted until the end of 30 June 2016.


The discounted adoption fees apply to our Kemps Creek & Ingleside Shelters, as well as the AWL cats that Kellyville Pets have kindly helped us to accommodate.  All cats come desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and health checked.

Cats love to snuggle (as do we humans) and for them it is a natural instinct.  They love to share their body warmth and seek out human contact.  This goes back to when they snuggled up to their mums when they were very young and before they could regulate their own body temperature. Snuggling up with a cat or kitten makes them feel warm and safe and allows their human companions to spend great quality time with them.

Anyone who has ever considered getting a new feline friend to curl up with on the cold winter nights ahead should click here see the variety of cats and kittens available for immediate adoption.

“Cats make excellent companions,” says AWL Senior Behaviourist, Rosalie Horton. “They are excellent for busy people and families alike and will take as much attention as you can give them.”

All of AWL NSW’s shelter cats and kittens are assessed by an expert behaviour team, to ensure they can be well matched with the right new owners.

Some cats are naturally more friendly than others while some are more independent,” adds Rosalie. “Our team at the shelters are always on hand to guide and advise on what animal is best suited to your needs.”

Having a new feline companion might even help cut down the electricity bill and, according to current research, it could lower a persons blood pressure and improve their health and wellbeing.

So there really is no excuse to be cold this winter. To find your new feline companion visit or call Animal Welfare League NSW on 02 8899 3333.

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