UPDATE: 1 November 2021

Animal Welfare League NSW Kemps Creek shelter is Temporarily Closed

In alignment with restrictions and to limit the spread of COVID-19, our Kemps Creek shelter will be temporarily closed to the public until further notice.

If you have already made an appointment, our staff will get in contact soon to make other arrangements.

Thank you for your patience!


How do I contact AWL NSW?
Please call 02 8899 3333 or by emailing helpingpets@awlnsw.com.au. If you have already made an appointment, our staff will get in contact soon to make other arrangements.

What will happen to the animals in your care?
Our shelter pets continue to receive the high standard of quality care they receive daily from our Animal Attendants. Limiting the amount of face-to-face exposure will help reduce the risk to our shelter staff and minimise impact to our operations.

I want to adopt or surrender an animal?
If you wish to adopt or surrender a pet to AWL NSW, please contact our shelter team via email at kempscreek@awlnsw.com.au. To ensure we are keeping our people safe, our shelter staff will discuss options available.

Can I still report cruelty concerns to you?
Animal welfare and cruelty concerns can still be reported to our Inspectorate via our online reporting form here. Please contact your local police station if there is an emergency.

Can I donate items to your shelter?
Animal Welfare League NSW will not be able to accept any donated goods at our Kemps Creek shelter and our location will remain closed to the general public for a short time. Please hang on to donated goods during this time or, alternatively, items can be sent to PO BOX 308, Kemps Creek, NSW 2178.

What about your veterinary clinic?
Our Kemps Creek veterinary clinic is currently closed to the public. In the event of a veterinary emergency, please contact our vet clinic directly on 02 8777 4424.

How do I become a volunteer?
To reduce the number of visitors at our shelter, we are currently not accepting any new volunteer applications for our Kemps Creek shelter at this time. We encourage people to make contact with their local AWL NSW branch if they would like to get involved with our branch initiatives.

How long will you be closed?
We do not anticipate this to be long closure. Further updates will be provided when available and you will be contacted by our staff if you have already booked an appointment.

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