Animal Welfare League NSW offers puppy preschool classes! Our classes are 6 weeks long with a FREE orientation week. These small classes of 4-6 pups will be run by one of our Behaviour Trainers and will provide plenty of personalised attention.

AWL NSW puppy preschool classes are held on Sundays at the AWL NSW Kemps Creek Vet Clinic (1605 Elizabeth Drive, Kemps Creek). Our puppy preschool program features a non-linear, topics-based curriculum which means new pawrents can enrol their puppy at any time! An orientation class is held at 1pm for new attendees to welcome them to the program, and this introduction class happens without the puppy.

At 2pm, regular puppy classes are run. Class lessons are based around real-life scenarios to maximise the value away from the classroom and include:

  • Socialisation with people, new environments and other puppies
  • Basic cues with their real-life applications
  • Co-operative care for Vet visits and grooming
  • Loose-leash walking and recalls
  • Aggression prevention
  • Reading dog body language

To ensure that attendees can get the most out of their classes, our puppy pre-school program has a maximum class limit of 6 puppies per lesson so bookings are essential to avoid missing out. The cost of the 6-week program is $180.

Don’t delay. Book today! To book, contact our Behaviour Trainer Karen Ridell on:

Phone: 02 8777 4446


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