Appeal for information.

On 30th April 2020, a local council ranger rushed a small terrier to Animal Welfare League NSW for emergency veterinary treatment after the dog was found to have a horrific open wound on its back.

The small male dog had been found roaming the area and presented an unidentified trauma wound. Upon arrival, the dog was sickly and likely to be septicaemic. He was rushed to surgery to receive urgent treatment by our Veterinarians.
Unfortunately the dog wasn’t microchipped and no one has stepped forward to claim this dog. Nicknamed Freddy, this small terrier has made a remarkable recovery in our care and will eventually be available for adoption.
Do you know what happened to Freddy? If you have any information that can help AWL NSW with our enquiries, please contact our Inspectorate on 02 8899 3333 or email support@awlnsw.com.au.

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