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General Enquiries

If you have any concerns or general enquiries, please get in touch with our team:

Report Cruelty

Animal Welfare League NSW is an approved charitable organisation which acts under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. This enables us to employ a team of Inspectors that respond to reports of cruelty or neglect of animals and any concerns received in relation to the general welfare of animals. If you have witnessed an act of cruelty being committed, are concerned for the welfare of an animal or feel that an animal is being neglected, you can report the matter to our team of Inspectors

Please contact your local Police if there is an emergency.

Injured Animals

If you find an injured animal that needs care, please take them to your local veterinary clinic.

  • If the injury is not urgent, you can contact our Animal Ambulance Service by calling 02 8777 4444.
  • If you come across injured wildlife please call WIRES on 1300 094 737.
  • If you are near our Kemps Creek veterinary clinic, please call 02 8777 4450 to see if we can assist.

Contact our Shelter

The Animal Welfare League NSW Kemps Creek is located at 1605 Elizabeth Drive, Kemps Creek NSW 2178 and is open daily (except on public holidays) between 10am-3:30pm. You can contact our shelter team for all adoption and surrender enquiries:

For all other general enquiries, please fill out the below form:

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