The Board

Animal Welfare League NSW operates under a constitutional charity structure. Governance is by a Board of Directors, which includes a President and Non-Executive Board Director roles.

Animal Welfare League NSW is a peak body and industry leader of practices in the field of animal welfare in NSW. Animal Welfare League NSW is also an active member and participant in various professional organisations, advisory committees, councils, associations, and services in the field of animal welfare in NSW.

Animal Welfare League NSW Board of Directors

The current Animal Welfare League NSW board of directors are:

  • Dr David Hope, President
  • Annette Tomlinson
  • Leonie Elvin
  • Marg Steel
  • Nick Debere
  • Rebecca Halligan
  • Karma Auden

Our Constitution

Annual Reports and Financials

Animal Welfare League NSW Previous AGM

Animal Welfare League NSW’s last Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 20 February 2021 at the Animal Welfare League NSW Kemps Creek shelter. We would like to thank all members who participated, either by postal or proxy voting or by attending the meeting in person. As a member-based organisation, we strongly value your input and appreciated the opportunity to have a robust discussion about our 2019-20 results.

The proposed new constitution was adopted. Members are invited to contact AWL NSW to share their comments or ask questions via:


We would like to note that the Animal Welfare League NSW™ website is the only accurate, official source of information relating to our Annual General Meetings. Information derived from any source other than AWL NSW may not be correct.