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About us & our work

What does Animal Welfare League NSW do?

Animal Welfare League NSW is a registered charity that provides expert care to surrendered, neglected, and abandoned animals across New South Wales. We strive to accomplish this through our work in rescue, rehoming, public education and discount desexing programs.

Why should I donate to Animal Welfare League NSW?

Money that is donated to Animal Welfare League NSW will go straight back to the animals in our care, providing them with the love, care and rehabilitation that they need before finding a new forever home. Your money will also go to helping our animals receive veterinary care if it is needed.

How can I support the work of Animal Welfare League NSW?

We rely heavily on the generous support of the community to continue our vital work. Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible can be made phone, mail, and online via our website: www.awlnsw.com.au/donate

You can also support the work we do by volunteering, becoming a foster carer, holding a fundraising event, making donations through your workplace, and leaving a gift in your will.

How can I get assistance with desexing my pet?

AWL NSW has many volunteer branches across NSW, doing amazing work in their local communities. Some of these branches fundraise to be able to offer discount desexing vouchers to low-income earners or pension cardholders. To see if you are eligible to receive subsided desexing, please find the contact information of your local AWL NSW branch at www.awlnsw.com.au/find-us

If you are not eligible to receive a discount desexing voucher from AWL NSW, please visit www.ndn.org.au to find subsidised desexing offers in your area.


Inspectorate & Animal Ambulance

What will your inspectorate investigate?

Animal Welfare League NSW is an approved organisation acting under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. This enables us to employ a team of inspectors who enforce animal welfare legislation such as the prevention of cruelty to animals act, regulations and codes of practice. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Investigating cruelty complaints these include complaints in relation to abandoned animals, failing to provide adequate food, water and shelter.
  • Conducting Codes of Practice Inspections such as pet shops, sale yards, dog and cat breeding facilities.
  • Assisting State Government provide disaster relief such as drought, bushfires and flood assistance.
  • Providing education on legislation, codes of practice and animal welfare.
How do I report animal cruelty to your inspectors?

If you have witnessed an act of cruelty being committed or you feel that an animal is being neglected and you are concerned for its welfare, please report this matter to the AWL NSW Inspectorate. You can make a report by calling 02 8777 4444, emailing Inspectors@awlnsw.com.au or through our online reporting form at www.awlnsw.com.au/report-cruelty

What will your Inspectorate investigate?

Our Inspectors will investigate any alleged offences or breaches in regards to legislation such as the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

If I make a report, what questions will you ask me?

In keeping with Privacy legislation, all your information will be kept confidential. When submitting a cruelty report, our inspectors will ask you to provide the following information:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Description of the animal and what you have witnessed or are concerned about
  • The address or location of the animal/s
  • If known, the details of the person you think may be involved
  • Any other relevant details such as other witnesses, vehicle registration or description
If I make a report, can I remain anonymous?

All details provided to Animal Welfare League NSW are kept confidential, however, we are required to collect personal information to enable us to prosecute a matter before the courts. Your details are not shared and will not be made available to the perpetrator.

How do I notify you of an advertising breach?

Anyone advertising kittens, cats, puppies or dogs for sale or to give away in NSW needs to include an identification number in advertisements. If you would like to notify AWL NSW of a missing identification number on an advert, please use our online reporting form available at www.awlnsw.com.au/animal-identification-breach

I saw something online that I didn’t like, can I report it to you?

Due to the nature of Social Media, we are unable to act on viral posts, no matter how upsetting they may be. In order for matters to stand up in court, we will require a first hand-witness to make a report to our Inspectorate by using our online reporting form or by calling us on 02 8777 4444. Please encourage the person who posted the original content to get in touch with us to see if we can assist.

What does your Animal Ambulance do?

The Animal Welfare League NSW Animal Ambulance Service assists our Inspectorate with rescuing sick and injured animals by helping to transport them to receive urgent medical treatment and care. This includes responding to assist animals that have been struck by a vehicle or to assist rescue/trapped animals. If you would like to learn more about this service, please visit www.awlnsw.com.au/animal-ambulance

Can your Animal Ambulance help senior pet owners?

Our Animal Ambulance officers may be able to provide assistance to disadvantaged, immobile or senior members in the community who may have difficulty in accessing veterinary care for their pets, this includes transporting pets to and from veterinary clinics. If you would like to learn more about this service or enquire, please visit www.awlnsw.com.au/animal-ambulance


Shelter & Rehoming

How do I adopt a pet?

You can view our pets available to adopt by visiting our website www.awlnsw.com.au/animals.

Each pet listing on our website features information on that individual animal, a description about the pet and the type of home they are looking for, as well as the adoption fee.

Do you desex animals before rehoming?

All dogs and cats available to adopt from Animal Welfare League NSW are desexed, treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated, and microchipped before they are made available for adoption. Adoptable pets will stay in our care for as long as they need to before they find a new forever home.

How do I surrender a pet?

Our Kemps Creek shelter accepts private surrender applications by those who may need to rehome their pet. To learn more about our surrender process, please visit www.awlnsw.com.au/shelter and contact our shelter on 02 8777 4445 or email kempscreek@awlnsw.com.au.

What does your shelter do?

Our shelter facilities provide care to animals who have come through our doors due to no fault of their own. Our shelter may help:

  • Rehabilitate animals to help prepare them for new homes
  • Process adoptions for animals available to be adopted from our shelter
  • Accept private surrenders from those who are no longer able to care for their pet
  • Help reduce euthanasia rates for healthy and treatable animals by providing rehoming services and working with other agencies to rescue homeless pets
When is your Kemps Creek shelter open?

Our Kemps Creek shelter is located at 1605 Elizabeth Drive, Kemps Creek and is open seven days a week from 10 am to 3:30 pm.

Can I donate goods to your shelter?

Our shelter is always in need of towels, blankets and bedding to help care for our animals. Our shelter will also happily accept other pet items such as treats, toys, leads and more. We do not have a pick-up service, so items are required to be dropped off or mailed to 1605 Elizabeth Drive, Kemps Creek.

I have found a lost pet, can I drop it off to your shelter?

If you have found a pet that you believe is lost, you should check for a collar and tag to try and contact the owner. If the pet does not have a tag, by law you must take the stray to your local council facility where the pet can be scanned for a microchip. If the pet has a microchip, the owner can be contacted and reunited with their pet.

Councils are obliged to take in pets that are seized by members of the public. AWL NSW is not able to assist with stray or roaming pets unless they require medical care.

My own pet has gone missing, what should I do?

These are our recommended steps to help find a missing pet:

  • Look all over your property – including new places where your pet may hide for example, behind furniture, appliances, garden bushes, lofts, garages or fireplaces
  • Search your local streets and contact your neighbours
  • Help your pet find his way home by ensuring he has a well-fitted collar and pet tag that includes your current contact details
  • Call your local vets or council pound
  • Do a letterbox drop
  • Most important of all, ensure your pet is microchipped and that you update details with your local council if you move or if your details change
  • List your animal as missing on the NSW Pet Registry website: www.petregistry.nsw.gov.au
  • Share your missing pet on the Lost Pets of NSW Facebook page: www.facebook.com/lostpetsinnsw
Do you euthanise animals?

Animal Welfare League NSW is committed to achieving zero euthanasia of healthy and treatable cats and dogs and does not place time limits on the animals in our care. Some animals may have to be humanely euthanised due to medical or behavioural reasons.



How do I become a volunteer?

Animal Welfare League NSW has various volunteer opportunities at both our Kemps Creek Shelter and our branches around the state. To learn more about our volunteering opportunities please visit www.awlnsw.com.au/volunteer to complete an application form.

What do your branches do?

Animal Welfare League NSW has many volunteer-run branches across NSW, all dedicated to helping animals in their local area. These branches are run by generous and kind animal lovers who are passionate about improving the lives of companion animals and want to make a real difference in their communities. Our volunteer branches may participate in:

  • Fostering animals through private surrenders or rescuing from local shelters and helping the animals find new homes.
  • Creating relationships with local veterinary clinics to develop a discount desexing program for local low-income earners.
  • Working with local councils and other community groups to address local animal welfare issues.
Why should I join an Animal Welfare League NSW branch?

Becoming an Animal Welfare League NSW branch volunteer is a wonderful way to contribute and help animals in your local community. To learn more about our branches please visit www.awlnsw.com.au/branches.

If you would like to become an active branch member, please contact your local AWL NSW volunteer branch by visiting www.awlnsw.com.au/find-us. Our branches are run by volunteers and are always in need of new faces to join their dedicated teams.

What volunteering opportunities are available?

There are many different opportunities available to help volunteer and these include:

  • Helping a branch to raise funds to support their efforts in the community
  • Volunteering at events
  • Helping to transport animals in our care
  • Helping with branch administration or joining a branch committee
  • Taking photos and videos of the animals in our care
  • Help run a social media account for our branches
  • Become a foster carer
  • Volunteering at our shelter



What is Animal Welfare League NSW membership?

Animal Welfare League NSW membership offers animal lovers a great way to get involved with like-minded individuals and to help contribute to promoting responsible pet ownership through publicity, events, and information days in their local communities through our network of volunteer branches across the state.

How will my membership help?

Your membership will help to raise awareness and vital funds to help provide care for the thousands of vulnerable animals that need AWL NSW each year.
Your membership will help support:

  • Our shelters care and rehabilitate surrendered animals prior to adoption.
  • Our inspectors respond to reports of cruelty and neglect
  • Our veterinary hospital treat injured and sick animals
  • Our foster carers save lives and care for the weak and vulnerable
  • Help offer discount desexing programs through our branch network
  • Our animal ambulance to rescue injured animals
  • Our Mobile Vet Truck to be deployed to emergencies and other disasters
What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Animal Welfare League NSW members receive updates on our latest news and events and are also able to attend and vote at Annual General Meetings. Members also receive a 10% on our online shop.

How do I become a member?

To become a member, simply visit www.awlnsw.com.au/become-a-member and complete the online application form. All new membership applications are subject to being screened by our inspectorate and are approved by the Board.

How much does it cost to become a member?

Standard membership is as little as $40 per year, and reduced fees are available for concession/pension cardholders and for those aged under 18 years of age. Supporters can also apply to become a life member for $600.

When does my membership renew?

Animal Welfare League NSW membership is active for one financial year and can be renewed after the 30th June each year.


Bequests & Fundraising

How do I leave a Bequest to Animal Welfare League NSW?

Animal Welfare League NSW recommends that you seek independent legal advice to make sure your Will is valid and represents your intentions. We can provide you suggested wording for your Will on request. It is important to advise any executors or guardians of your wishes as this is critical to ensure your final wishes are carried out. Be sure to keep Animal Welfare League NSW informed of any changes to your Will if leaving a Bequest to us. For more information or to get in touch with us about leaving a Bequest, visit www.awlnsw.com.au/make-a-bequest.

Why should I leave a Bequest to Animal Welfare League NSW?

By leaving a gift in your Will, you are helping to support the vital work of Animal Welfare League NSW in caring for those less fortunate and supporting our efforts in achieving better animal welfare outcomes.

Can I leave my animals to you if I pass away?

When creating your Will, consider the future care of your animals. Whomever you choose to care for them, it’s important they understand their responsibility and are prepared to value your animal as much as you do. If you choose to leave your animals to Animal Welfare League NSW as part of leaving a monetary Bequest, you can decide if you would prefer us to find a caring new adoptive home or leave your animal in our foster care program. For more information about our Legacy Foster Program please visit www.awlnsw.com.au/legacy-foster-care.

How do I hold a fundraiser for Animal Welfare League NSW?

Holding a fundraiser for your favourite charity can be a great way to support a cause you are passionate about and there are many ways to hold a fundraiser for Animal Welfare League NSW:

  • Contact Animal Welfare League NSW on 02 8899 3333 (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm) or email helpingpets@awlnsw.com.au to obtain a fundraising authorisation letter to host a fundraising event on our behalf
  • Hold a fundraiser through your own Facebook profile and encourage your social network to support your online fundraiser
  • Nominate Animal Welfare League NSW as a beneficiary of funds raised through a fun run or another community event
How do I become a regular donor?

To become part of the Animal Welfare League NSW Animal Allies program and make a regular gift to help support our work, simply 02 8899 3333 (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm) or visit www.awlnsw.com.au/regular-giving to sign up.

Why should I become a regular donor?

As a registered charity, we rely on our regular donations to be able to run our services and plan for future programs. We look after thousands of animals every year through our shelters, branches, foster care network, and inspectorate. We are one of only a few agencies authorised by the Department of Primary Industries to seize at-risk animals and prosecute their owners. Through our inspectorate and shelter team, our emphasis is on education – helping people to understand what they need to do to keep their pets happy and healthy. Through our rehoming facilities, we look after surrendered, injured, or at-risk animals and work to rehome them with a suitable owner. Your ongoing support will help us to continue our vital work. You can give as much or as little as you like and change or cancel your donation at any time.

Can I donate through Workplace Giving?

Payroll or Workplace Giving is one of the easiest ways to give a regular pre-tax donation to charity. The money raised will help protect and support the thousands of animals who rely on Animal Welfare League NSW each year. Through Workplace Giving, your donation goes directly to Animal Welfare League NSW from automated payroll deductions – simple, tax-efficient and cost-effective. By donating in pre-tax dollars, you receive an immediate tax benefit, with no need to keep receipts to claim at the end of the financial year. If at any time your circumstances change and you want to alter or cancel your gifts, simply let your Payroll Manager know.

How do I setup Workplace Giving?

It is quick and easy to set up, either directly– simply authorise a direct debit from pre-tax salaries through your payroll system; or through your own workplace giving platform. All you need to do is:

  • Decide how much you wish to give each pay from your pre-tax salary
  • Let us know your wishes by completing a special Workplace Giving authorisation form
  • Give your completed form to your payroll manager and provide a copy to Animal Welfare League NSW


Mobile Vet Truck

What is the Animal Welfare League NSW Mobile Vet Truck?

Animal Welfare League NSW has one of the largest mobile vet services on wheels. Our Mobile Vet Truck is a fully-fitted out B-Double trailer that has been purposefully designed to enable our veterinary teams to travel to regional areas in NSW to provide desexing, vaccination and microchipping programs to communities doing it tough, and to help reduce the burden of unwanted litters and stop the source of pets that may find themselves at council impound facilities.

Our rapid response and Animal Ambulance teams can also be deployed to assist in times of natural disasters or emergencies (such as bushfire or flood events) as directed by State Government.

What are the features of the Mobile Vet Truck?

The Animal Welfare League NSW Mobile Vet Truck is over 25 metres long and features specially-designed areas to conduct minor animal surgeries (such as desexing) as well as an isolation room, consult areas and 35 recovery cages for domestic animals. It also features equipment to perform blood works, fridges for medication, a veterinary scale, and extensive storage to hold veterinary supplies.


Veterinary Clinic

Where is your veterinary clinic located?

The Animal Welfare League NSW veterinary clinic is located at 1605 Elizabeth Drive, Kemps Creek NSW 2178.

What else does your veterinary clinic do?

Our team of veterinarians and vet nurses provide care to animals that may have been brought in from our inspectorate, animal ambulance, shelter or branch network. In addition, they also treat animals who may be in our foster care program.


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Animal Welfare League NSW relies on generous donations from the community.