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Not everyone can adopt an animal, but there are other ways to help Animal Welfare League NSW.

There is nothing that Animal Welfare League NSW appreciates more than the donations we receive. Generous donations of certain essential goods help us care for our animals and help raise much-needed funds. We rely on the support of the community to help our shelter animals and gratefully accept donations from our wish list of items below.

Each and every donation makes a direct impact on the welfare of the cats and dogs in our care. Thank you to all our supporters.

We would ask that if an item is not on the list below, then please do not donate it to Animal Welfare League NSW. Instead, consider donating it to another worthwhile charity that may be able to use it.

Please note that we are currently not taking in shredded-paper

Items that we need:

    • Cool gear – ‘chill out’ dog mats – all sizes
    • Clam shell pools and wading pools
    • Ice & ice blocks – vegemite, peanut butter flavoured or with treats or kibble frozen inside, fish flavoured small ice blocks for cats
    • Bandanas – for pheromones to help relieve stress in newly arrived and long-term care animals
    • Cardboard boxes – paper ream boxes are ideal as ‘hide & perch’ areas for cats and kittens
    • Cat care items – snuggle safes, Divetelact and bottles for feeding kittens – for foster care
    • Cat grass, catnip and catmint, lavender, chamomile
    • Cat litter
    • Collapsible dog crates – used for puppy training and mums during kitten season
    • Microchip scanners
    • Dog clicker training aids
    • Pheromone sprays or plug-ins – DAP for dogs, Feliway for cats
    • Towels and blankets – please no quilts
    • Treats and training – treats and long-lasting chews, raw bones, peanut butter, vegemite, tin tuna/salmon/mackerel/sardines
    • Pate
    • KONG Paste
    • Peanut Butter (smooth)
    • Dog Chews
    • Dog Treats (that can be broken into small pieces)
    • KONG Products
    • KONG Paste
    • Slow feeder bowls
    • Bob-a-lot
    • Buster Cube
    • Aussie Dog Toys
    • Nylabones – Large and Extra Large
    • Hollee Roller Balls
    • Planet Dog Toys
    • Tiltz Bowls
    • Agility Equipment
    • Shell Pools
    • Sand
    • Ball pit balls
    • Boxes
    • Snuffle Mats
    • Paper Bags
    • Plastic bottles (with lid, label and plastic ring removed)

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