Vaccinations and Your Pet

When was the last time your pet saw the doctor? If it’s been awhile, why not make an appointment today with one of our veterinarians to help you manage your pet’s health, and chat to you about the best vaccination regime to ensure that your pet is protected against viral infections and other nasties!

Why vaccinate?

Vaccinations for our pets (particularly puppy and kitten family members) is crucial to their health and helps protect your pet from potentially serious and sometimes fatal diseases.

Remembering that prevention is always better than cure, most of the diseases prevented by vaccinations are viral and do not respond well to medication. Where treatments are available, they may be expensive and prolonged. For this and other reasons, we strongly recommend vaccinations for your pets.

It is important to understand that vaccines work better in a healthy animal, and It usually takes around seven days for the body to respond and develop immunity. Therefore, giving a vaccine to your pet while it is unwell will be less effective.

When should you vaccinate your pet?

Kittens and puppies need their first health checks and vaccinations at:

  • 6 to 8 weeks old – first vaccination
  • 10 to 12 weeks old – second vaccination
  • 14 to 16 weeks old – third vaccination

Adult pets usually require yearly health checks and vaccinations to maintain year-round protection.

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