One Thursday evening in May, AWL NSW Inspectors received a distressing report of the abandonment of 10-20 chickens and over 20 quails at a remote location with no food and water. AWL NSW Inspector Pollich and Animal Ambulance Officer Kim Watkins were immediately dispatched to attend the property.  

Upon arrival, they were appalled to discover 16 chickens and roosters, 40 quails, and 2 cats living in deplorable conditions. The animals were malnourished, housed in filthy enclosures, and deprived of necessities such as food and clean water. The quails were crammed into a small cabinet without adequate space to move, food and water.  

Inspector Pollich alerted the Kemps Creek shelter team for immediate assistance in rescuing the animals. The team sprang into action, swiftly organising appropriate housing arrangements at the shelter while Kim and Inspector Pollich orchestrated the safe retrieval of all the animals involved. The chickens, roosters, and cats were all successfully transferred to the Kemps Creek Animal Welfare League NSW facility, where they underwent prompt treatment. Meanwhile, the quails were rehomed at an animal sanctuary, where they can now live out the remainder of their days in comfort.  

In the time since the rescue, our friends from Who Gives a Cluck, a registered Australian charity who rescues and rehomes hens, kindly accepted the chickens and roosters.  

The two cats rescued are currently in vet and foster care where they will receive the highest care from our staff until they are ready to be rehomed.

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