This year, the spring breeding season has seen us inundated with kittens to capacity – meaning we are struggling to find room to take in any more.

Our biggest hurdle is finding foster carers for bottle-fed kittens. These are kittens under 5 weeks of age, with no mother, who require around-the-clock bottle feeding to stay alive.

We are currently appealing to the public to take on the task of bottle feeding, should they find young kittens without a mother.

We have a created a comprehensive guide on how to look after bottle-fed kittens which you can download HERE.

We are also available to offer advice and may be able to help with rehoming once the kittens reach a certain age.

If you haven’t found any kittens, but would like to become a foster carer for bottle babies (and can easily get to our Kemps Creek or Ingleside shelters), please contact our volunteer foster coordinator on (02) 8899 3333 or at or fill out an application form here.

Some quick things to note if you find kittens:

  1. You cannot feed bottle kittens Whiskas kitten milk or cow’s milk
  2. You will need a carrier or cage to keep them in
  3. Kittens have a better chance of survival if you keep them with their mother
  4. We can offer you advice and support, call us today on (02) 8899 3333

At Animal Welfare League NSW we do our best to help as many companion animals as we can and follow a Getting to Zero (G2Z) policy which was created on the premise that we will not euthanize healthy, adoptable animals.

Additional information: If you live in regional NSW and would like to volunteer for AWL NSW, you can get in contact with your closest AWL NSW branch. Contact details available here.

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