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Meet Einstein

Meet Einstein

Colour/s White
Sex Female
Age 5 Months
Breed Bunny Rabbit
Secondary Breed
Size Small
Animal ID 74154
Microchip Number 991003002553181
Location Sydney Shelter (Kemps Creek)

AWL NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000222

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A Little Bit About Einstein

Open to live with catsOpen to live with cats
Open to meet dogsOpen to meet dogs
Apartment friendlyApartment friendly
Suited to full-time workerSuited to full-time worker
Open to meet kidsOpen to meet kids
Meet Einstein, the charming young white rabbit with a playful demeanour and a love for all types of enrichment. As the name suggests, Einstein is an exceptionally clever rabbit who loves to find innovative ways to solve puzzles and getting into her cardboard toys.

Einstein is a very social rabbit and thrives with the company of others. She is playful and enjoys affection from her caregivers. She is currently housed with sisters Ninja and Houdini but can also be found playing with the male rabbits next door through the fence 😂. In foster she was confident enough to give kisses to her canine friend, hang by some guinea pig pals as well as her young human carers. Einstein could enter her forever home with one or both of her sisters by her side or live on her own with another friendly rabbit wanting a friend.

Einstein has a healthy appetite for vegetables and eagerly looks forward to mealtime. Aside from her regular diet of vegetables, pellets and hay, she definitely looks forward to the occasional treat of banana and raspberry.

Adoption Fee: $50

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