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Workplace or Payroll Giving is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to make a tax deductible donation that supports the animals in our care. Many prefer this method to making an individual donation. Workplace Giving empowers you to make a difference in your community through regular donations from your pre-tax pay to Animal Welfare League NSW.

How Does it Work?

Donating through your payroll is a way of supporting the Animal Welfare League NSW and obtaining an immediate tax benefit.

Rather than submitting tax deductible donations with your tax return, your nominated donation amount is deducted from your salary before deducting your tax, so the benefit to you is immediate. Download our Workplace Giving form.

  • You can donate as much or little as you like – just 82 cents a day ($25 a month) makes a huge difference
  • There’s no need to remember to make a payment each month
  • You can opt out anytime
  • Your company may agree to match your donation

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A nominated Animal Welfare League NSW champion in your workplace will send you updates on how your donations are helping animals in need.

Benefits for Employees

Workplace Giving is a simple way to enhance your business’s involvement in the community. In addition to business, employee and community benefits, Payroll Giving is a powerful way to demonstrate corporate social responsibility by making a commitment to a cause many employees care deeply about.

The deductible donations made through payroll giving, help:

  • Create a more connected workplace where giving is seen as a collaboration between employer and employee
  • Aid in the retention and recruitment of staff
  • Increase your company’s charitable giving with little effort or cost
  • Enhance your organisations’ corporate social responsibility and community programs
  • Allow you to monitor the level of charitable giving your company has achieved.

An easy to set-up and administer Workplace Giving program can be delivered through your company payroll system.  Your company’s payroll team is responsible for contacting and providing the donations directly to Animal Welfare League NSW.

There are a number of organisations who can assist you to set up your Workplace Giving program:

GOOD 2 GIVE Australian Tax Office

Company Matching Gifts Program

Companies are able to enhance their own staff’s Workplace Giving program by electing to implement a matching gift program. This is an incentive for staff to donate through a company Workplace Giving program to help increase funds raised for Animal Welfare League NSW.

Through Workplace Giving, you can make regular, pre-tax donations to Animal Welfare League NSW through your payroll. We extend our heartfelt thanks to staff of the organisations who generously support the pets in our care by making regular donations.

Is your company interested in our Corporate Volunteering Program?

Let us arrange a fun and fulfilling experience for your team. Our corporate volunteer day allows you and your employees to experience a day in the life of our employees at our Animal Welfare League NSW Shelter located at Kemps Creek.

We have two types of corporate days on offer; educational and physical.

Activities may include:

  • Cleaning out kennels, to help ensure our animals have the perfect night’s sleep
  • A behavioural training session with our experienced and dedicated behaviour team
  • A behind-the-scenes tour of our facilities and the ability to learn about our operations and the day to day life of our staff members
  • Grooming animals in our care
  • Making up fun enrichment items to give to our animals
  • Spending time with animals in our care


Staff Requirements:

  • Must wear enclosed shoes
  • Must wear clothes they are happy to get dirty (t-shirts and jeans)
  • No shorts or singlets to be worn
  • Please bring appropriate PPE (hat, sunscreen)

Dates and times: 

Monday – Friday between 9:50am – 3:00pm at our Kemps Creek Shelter (1605 Elizabeth Drive, Kemps Creek NSW)

Includes 1 hour lunch break.

As we provide morning tea and lunch, please inform AWL NSW of any dietary requirements or conditions your staff suffer from so we can ensure we are prepared for all situations one week before your corporate day.


The cost is $1,500 (excluding GST) for a group of up to 10 people.

To book, please email volunteer@awlnsw.com.au

Help us care for our animals and help raise much needed funds.

Donate Goods

Are you interested in organising a fundraising event?

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Animal Welfare League NSW relies on generous donations from the community.