The Animal Welfare League NSW Kemps Creek shelter is celebrating over 1,000 animals being adopted in 2020.

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt our way of life, one benefit is certainly the increase of adoptions seen at our shelter. As more people work from home, and more businesses become flexible with their workplace arrangements, families are being enabled to bring a furry friend into their home. And the results speak volumes with so many wagging tails and smiling faces on the families now sharing their lives with a new companion. Not only has pet ownership been proven to help with physical health, it is also known that pet ownership can improve our mental health by reducing stress, providing a sense of purpose, and decreasing loneliness.

From January to December 2020, 1104 animals have been rehomed through the Animal Welfare League NSW’s Kemps Creek shelter with another 823 animals being fostered.

Better news? Animal Welfare League NSW has not seen an increase in surrender rates, displacing some concerns of the influx of potential surrendered pets post COVID-19. Operating via an appointment and application process, our shelter’s thorough screening and rehoming procedure is helping to ensure that the matches made are for life!

And best still! The 1,104 animals adopted through our shelter does not include the hundreds of animals rehomed or fostered through our branch network across the state. Animal Welfare League NSW applauds those choosing to adopt a rescue pet, with more and more seeing the benefits of opting to adopt.

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