In an effort to mitigate the rising incidents of cat injuries and entrapments, Kim Watkins, Animal Ambulance officer at Animal Welfare League NSW, is recommending the use of breakaway collars for outdoor cats. Her suggestion stems from her first-hand experiences responding to situations where cats have been seriously injured or trapped due to non-stretch collars.

Ms Watkins, who has witnessed numerous incidents involving cats becoming ensnared in fences or other objects due to ill-fitting or non-safety collars, emphasises the importance of prioritising cat safety.

“Using breakaway collars can significantly reduce the risk of such incidents and potentially save lives,” says Ms Watkins.

Breakaway collars are constructed with a safety mechanism that releases the collar when pressure is applied, preventing cats from getting stuck or injured.

“The beauty of these collars is that they provide a balance between allowing cats to explore their outdoor environment while also ensuring their safety,” Ms Watkins explains. “They offer peace of mind for owners, knowing that their beloved pets have a better chance of avoiding critical incidents.”

The recommendation to use safety collars aligns with AWL NSW’s commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership and safeguarding animal welfare. By raising awareness about the importance of proper collar selection, Ms Watkins hopes to empower cat owners to take proactive measures to protect their pets from harm.

In addition to recommending safety collars, Ms Watkins encourages cat owners to regularly inspect and replace existing collars where needed, especially as their cats grow or if the collars show signs of wear and tear. “A well-fitted collar can make all the difference in ensuring a cat’s safety,” she adds.

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