The success of the Animal Care Truck has been remarkable, delivering essential veterinary care to every corner of the state. From the southern reaches of Albury to the north-western town of Narrabri, the truck has reached a total of 26 communities in 2023. 

Within these towns, the dedicated Animal Care Truck team administered an impressive 2,557 vaccinations, covering 1,896 dogs and 661 cats. Additionally, they provided microchip services for 1,070 animals and performed 65 crucial desexing surgeries. 

Supported proudly by the NSW Government, this invaluable and free service has been a lifeline for pet owners in underserved areas. Some residents in more remote regions now willingly travel to the next town to access these vital veterinary services. The rising cost of living has made it increasingly challenging for other pet owners to afford basic veterinary care, emphasising the importance of such mobile initiatives. 

Microchipping is not just a convenience; it’s a crucial tool for reuniting lost pets with their owners and alleviating strain on local council pounds. The timely administration of vaccinations is fundamental to a pet’s well-being, protecting them from serious diseases. Routine health checks, another service provided by the Animal Care Truck, contribute significantly to the overall health and happiness of pets. 

Stephen Albin, Chief Executive Officer of the Animal Welfare League NSW, commends the outstanding efforts of the Animal Care Truck team. Working tirelessly in sometimes challenging conditions, they have truly performed a commendable community service. The widespread turnout across the state underscores the undeniable demand for this essential service. 

“We are fortunate to have a unique truck capable of rolling into town and providing vital assistance to pet owners,” said Mr. Albin. 

“The big turnout across the State underlines the demand for this service. We are fortunate to have a truck which truly is unique and capable of rolling into town and helping pet owners.

He went on to say, “To all our staff, a big thank you for all up hard work – you’ve made a difference to thousands of animals. I would also like to thank the NSW Government for its support.” 

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