When Jessica Mathers joined the Animal Welfare League NSW 13 years ago, she didn’t dream of becoming one of the organisation’s most prolific animal foster carers. 

It started out when a cat and her one-week-old kittens were brought into the Animal Welfare League NSW veterinary clinic where she now works as a nurse. 

“I noticed one of the kittens was very small and I was very concerned about her welfare,” Jessica said. 

“I spoke to the foster care coordinator at the time and thought I’d give fostering a go and see what it was like looking after a kitten and bottle feeding. 

“She asked me to take two of them, so they were my first bottle babies and I ended up keeping them. 

“I still have one of them today and she’s 11 years old.” 

Jessica said she has cared for about 120 kittens and cats, and every experience is rewarding. 

Foster carers can look after animals from just a few weeks to a few months. 

“It’s just such an incredible feeling that you’ve been instrumental in helping either a kitten or an adult cat, feel better and more comfortable and ready for adoption,” she said. 

Jessica said foster carers will always have the full support of the Animal Welfare League NSW staff. 

“I say jump at the chance – it’s great for people who can’t commit to actually having a pet at home full-time.” 

“I think it’s such an incredible experience for people.” 

Jessica Mathers has fostered more than 120 pets and still going strong. 

If you would like to foster an animal, please visit our Foster Care page for more information and to submit an application.


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