As part of Animal Welfare League NSW’s initiative to address the challenges faced by regional pet owners, the AWL NSW Animal Care Truck recently completed its first trip of 2024. Supported by the NSW Government, the truck headed to Dubbo, Orange and Wellington to provide essential veterinary services. 

Operating on specific dates and times, the truck supports pet owners grappling with the escalating cost of living and difficulty accessing adequate care for their beloved animals.  

The first stop for the truck was in Dubbo, where alongside the local pound, AWL NSW veterinary staff successfully conducted 40 desexing operations.  

The truck then carried on to Orange and Wellington to provide much needed health checks, vaccinations and microchips before circling back to Dubbo to provide the same, plus aftercare checks for animals who had been desexed.   

Across Orange, Wellington and Dubbo, the Animal Care Truck team efforts were exceptional. They successfully carried out 302 animal health checks, provided 123 microchips and administered 220 dog vaccinations and 54 cat vaccinations, despite a cat vaccine shortage.   

The Animal Welfare League NSW remains committed to its objective of providing basic care to every pet across the state, ensuring they lead healthy and happy lives. The success of the recent trip underscores the significance of mobile vet services in bridging the gap for pet owners facing financial constraints.  

Keep an eye on our social media for reminders and information on future trips.


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