On the 30th of October 2017, a male Foxhound named Brock was surrendered to the Animal Welfare League NSW Inspectorate after it was found that his previous owner was not able to care for him due to illness. Brock spent almost a year with our vets and behaviour teams – putting on weight, and learning how to be a very good boy. After passing his medical and behavioural assessments, Brock was made available to adopt from Kemps Creek shelter on 8th October 2018.

A photoshoot for our most needy dogs

In September 2019, a wonderful photographer by the name of Elyse Potter made contact with AWL NSW to offer her professional services free of charge to help some of our most needy dogs find new homes. On the 4th October 2019, Elyse and a team of models and stylists visited the AWL NSW Kemps Creek shelter to offer four of our most needy dogs a chance to strut their stuff and become doggy-models. This was Brock’s big moment.

Not long after his photoshoot, Brock was placed into foster care to give him a reprieve from shelter life. On the 7th January 2020, the adoption paperwork was signed and his foster family made the amazing decision to make Brock a permanent member of their family. After 820 days in care, Brock finally found his forever home.

We want to thank Elyse and her team for helping some of our very special dogs find new families, and an extra big thank you to Brock’s new family for giving this 10-year-old Foxhound a second chance.

All four dogs featured in the photoshoot have been happily adopted.

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