Animal Welfare League NSW is proud to soft launch* FindMyOwner, an exciting initiative that introduces a streamlined process to connect lost pets with their worried owners. 

By offering a complimentary microchip search and pet reconnection service, we’re hoping to reduce the number of lost dogs that end up in pounds.  

Using 2022-2023 data from the Office of Local Government, only 42.1% of dogs entering NSW pounds are reunited with their owners. 

FindMyOwner will significantly enhance the way lost pets are reunited with their loving families and reduce the strain on councils. This is a much better outcome for lost dogs.  

How does FindMyOwner work? 

1. When you find a lost dog, you can take the dog to a FindMyOwner microchip scanning location. These locations can be found on the FindMyOwner website by clicking ‘I found a dog’ and following the prompts. At this stage these locations can only be found in the Blacktown City Council area. We have plans to expand to other council areas across NSW in the future.

2. Once at the scanning location, you file a Found Dog Report along with its microchip number, if it has one. Please note the dog cannot be left at the scanning location. 

3. The Found Dog Report will then be sent to one of our Pet Connection Experts. Our expert will then use that information to complete a number of searches to find the owner. 

4. If the owner isn’t found or the dog isn’t microchipped, we’ll ask if you or someone you know can mind the dog for a few hours or overnight. 

5. You will receive a Found Pet Poster via email to share in your local Facebook groups to increase the chance of the dog finding its owner.  

6. If no one can mind the dog or the owner isn’t found within 24 hours, the dog must be taken to the pound.  

FindMyOwner also offers our free microchip lookup and Found Pet Poster generator service to anyone in NSW who scan lost dogs for microchips. 

For all FAQs, please visit: https://www.findmyowner.com.au/faqs

If you’ve lost your dog: 

The FindMyOwner website also provides many helpful tips to increase the chances of your dog returning home sooner.  

These tips can be found here including a free Lost Dog Poster. 

FindMyOwner is proudly funded by the NSW Government. 



*FindMyOwner microchip locations are currently only available within the Blacktown City Council area.

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