Animal Welfare League NSW continues to assist with the state’s flood relief and evacuation efforts.


As heavy rain continues to pummel parts of New South Wales, and large swathes of the urban sprawl and regional areas reel under dangerous flood situations, Animal Welfare League NSW is currently undertaking rescue and relief operations in affected areas.

AWL NSW’s Mobile Vet Truck (MVT) along with volunteers and staff have been urgently deployed to Castle Hill Showground at the request of the state government’s Department of Primary Industries (DPI). The team is providing emergency veterinary relief to companion animals and livestock in these moments of crisis.

Several areas across NSW have been declared to be in a state of emergency, with thousands of people and their animals getting trapped in disaster-stricken areas. In the middle of these truly heartbreaking events unfolding within the community, AWL NSW is committed to providing a safe environment for all animals and keeping them and their families united against the adversities.

AWL NSW’s purpose-built B-Double trailer is currently stationed at the showground, with staff helping supply food, fresh drinking water, bedding, and towels to all animals in need. The veterinary team is also providing first aid and emergency treatment to all animals coming into our care.

The veterinary team at AWL NSW has attended to several panic-stricken horses that made their way into the showgrounds after they were rescued fleeing the floods. Currently, they are being monitored for any signs of hypothermia, pneumonia, and colic. The animals have been sheltered under rugs to provide care and comfort through the night. The team has also been assisting with general husbandry and feeding schedules to keep them healthy. Wound-cleaning, antibiotics and pain relief are also being provided to horses that were presented with mild injuries.

At present, major evacuation efforts are underway in regions along the Colo river in Sydney’s north-west, and a sharp rise is expected in the number of animals that are brought into the evacuation centre.

Currently AWL NSW continues to carry out relief efforts at the location until further notice and updates from authorities.

AWL NSW CEO Mark Slater says, “It is encouraging and uplifting to see the community come together to help each other in need. We are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to assist in relief efforts across the region.”

Generous support from the community enables AWL NSW to be prepared for emergency relief and rescue efforts. Please donate at  awlnsw.com.au/floods  or call us on 02 8899 3333 to help us continue this critical service.

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