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Never before in our lifetime have we experienced a crisis so big that has truly transformed the way we live. The long-standing drought followed by bushfires that tore through Australia, the global pandemic and the recent floods across New South Wales – each incident catastrophic to the community and leaving destruction and long-lasting changes in its aftermath.

In this ever-changing landscape, one thing that has remained constant is our commitment to animal welfare. A registered charity that has been operating for over 60 years, Animal Welfare League NSW has provided expert care to surrendered, neglected and injured animals across New South Wales. Public support is of the essence to help us carry out our work.

You can help us reach some of the most vulnerable animals in our community. That is why we are asking you to make a tax-deductible donation to AWL NSW by June 30.

Help On Wheels

As part of our ongoing efforts to roll out and further sustain welfare initiatives across regional New South Wales, our Mobile Vet Truck (MVT) has been of critical significance.

The purpose-built B-Double trailer has navigated its way through raging fires and billowing smoke to bring vital veterinary care, food and fresh drinking water to animals affected by the bushfires along the Mid North Coast and the Far South Coast. The AWL NSW veterinary team helped hundreds of helpless animals in the community that were found with life-threatening injuries and severe burns resulting from the bushfires.

Our MVT was on the frontlines once again when rushing floodwaters across the state rendered tens of thousands of people homeless and their animals at risk. Our veterinary team provided crucial medical care to panic-stricken animals that were injured while fleeing rising floodwaters and put a reassuring arm around those that needed to be tucked in for the night.

Rapid Response

Countless animals are trapped in cruel conditions with little chance of escape. Crucial intel making its way to our team of inspectors from members of the public like you is what often stands between life and death for vulnerable animals.

Our inspectors are travelling daily and leave no stone unturned to ensure every animal subjected to neglect and deliberate acts of cruelty is rescued, perpetrators brought to account, and justice served.

Our dedicated animal ambulance officers take to the roads to reach out to injured animals and disadvantaged, immobile, and senior members in the community, who need our help.

Hundreds of lives are lost to animal cruelty around us. So many faceless victims drift away in the tide of time. Our rapid response team is always ready to deploy to save every life.

While stringent legislation and punitive measures in the judiciary can remedy the urge to carry out immediate justice for a crime, education and awareness offer long-term impact in correcting behaviour and deterring potential crime in society. It is now more than ever that we need to participate in advising the legislative change process and policymaking to act as a deterrent to potential perpetrators of animal cruelty. The right information and awareness of the law is crucial when it comes to paving the way for a safer environment for needy and voiceless animals

Branch Network

Animal Welfare League NSW is committed to helping communities across the country achieve the best welfare outcomes for companion pets as well as animals that find themselves caught up in trying situations.

Currently, Animal Welfare League NSW has 20 volunteer-led branches across the state, and is in the process of setting up two additional branches to address the growing needs of the community. Volunteers from the branches generously contribute their time and talent in caring for abandoned, neglected, sick, injured and surrendered animals. With additional services like subsidised desexing, microchipping and vaccination programs; all Animal Welfare League NSW branches continue to create a positive impact in the community and in the lives of those who need it most.

A bevy of community initiatives that include visits to local markets and fundraising events help provide opportunities for our branch volunteers to educate members of the public about Animal Welfare League NSW’s vision and our mission.

Giving Animals A Voice

As part of our commitment to ‘Getting 2 Zero’, we work tirelessly towards achieving zero euthanasia for healthy and treatable animals, with no time limits placed on the animals in our care. This is achieved through an amazing foster care network.

Unfortunately, thousands of companion animals are injured every year. Our dedicated veterinary and shelter teams help injured and sick animals get back on their feet. Our animal attendants at our shelter shower love and affection on those who crave for a warm embrace. Our remarkable team of foster carers ensure no animal is left without a home.

Your kind contribution is a driving force behind the dedication and relentless efforts of our team. Every dollar we receive helps us move closer to our goal: To improve welfare outcomes for all animals in the community and promote responsibility towards understanding, supporting, and ensuring best animal welfare standards.

We urge you to make a tax-deductible donation by 30th June 2021to help protect countless animals from a life of misery and pain, and bring about lasting change in the community. Will you make the promise to help us help them this financial year?

Yours sincerely,

Mark Slater

CEO, Animal Welfare League NSW


P.S. I am proud to be part of an organisation that is there for countless animals whose lives are at stake. My team and I couldn’t do our jobs without the generosity of our partners, which includes people like you. Please join us in supporting AWL NSW’s vision and our mission for providing better animal welfare outcomes. Help us be the change. Please donate today.

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