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“I finally felt love, my name is Harley and I think I am going to survive.”. – Harley.

Harley was in for the fight of his life. It was clear that Harley was a fighter already surviving against the odds. His skin so severely infested with fleas that scabs had formed over his open wounds, he was so emaciated that his ribs were protruding with no signs of fat or muscle on his lifeless like body.

“The nice people at the vet clinic put me in this bath. It made my body so warm and I hadn’t felt warmth in a long time. With the warmth came stinging. It felt like all of my body had caught fire. They washed me and all the bugs that were eating at my skin started to fall away. At first, I tried to get away from the bugs but as time went on I started getting weaker and weaker, I didn’t have the energy to get them off anymore… not even to get up at all.

After my bath, the itching went away. I had forgotten what it was like not to be covered all over in bugs, not to itch anymore.” – Harley.

At the veterinary clinic, all were surprised that this unknown breed was still alive, too emaciated to even assume what breed the dog could be. Harley was assessed and given a bath as he was riddled with fleas that had broken his skin. His body was distorted as if to say the need for food was too much to handle, unable to find relief from the agony he found himself in on a daily basis.

“Harley had a poor prognosis. He was severely underweight, dehydrated, with low body temperature and dangerously low iron levels and had an array of illnesses that were not yet uncovered. It is one of the worst cases I have ever seen.” – AWL NSW Chief Inspector Stimson.

Once Harley received his blood transfusion, he was supplied with hot air blankets, warmed intravenous (IV) fluids and IV fluid therapy. The prognosis was poor, we didn’t think Harley would make it through the night.

Curled over and struggling to stay alive. Your small donation will make a huge difference to the animals that need our help – animals like Harley.

Mark Slater
Chief Executive Officer
Animal Welfare League NSW.

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