Help us find the purrfect foster home for Jasmine

“Well hello there! My name is Jasmine and I am one of the gorgeous legacy cats at AWL NSW.
I came into care after my beloved owner sadly passed away, but am being well looked after by everyone here at the shelter.
During the day, I mathematically calculate ideal spots to sit and attract the most amount of human attention. And sometimes, it works…

But there’s a problem! Using my advanced mathematical modeling skills, I have determined that the ideal place for me to be is in a loving home!

Just as importantly, I have used my wise, 15-year-old brain to calculate the fact that I always need more food, no matter how much I am given! Have you heard the term ‘portion control’? I believe this term was created by the strictest dietitian ever who has probably campaigned vigorously against food eating! As a food-eating activist, I feel strongly about the cause and I am fighting for it by actively eating any food I am given.

Besides my part-time food activism activities, I am really a gentle girl and I am very affectionate. I get along well with other senior kitties at the shelter but being the foodie that I am, of course, I can get a bit grumpy when someone tries to steal my food from me!

Being a Legacy cat, I am looking for someone to foster me for my final years. For the rest of my life, AWL NSW will supply food and litter and will pay for all my vet bills.

If you are interested in fostering me for the rest of my life, please email fostercare@awlnsw.com.au with your details and the Foster Care Officer will get back to you. In the meantime, I’ll be waiting in my spot…” – love Jasmine.

Wide eyed cat staring into camera

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