Love Your Pet Day

20th of February is Love Your Pet Day. A day to encourage pet owners to stop and appreciate just how special their family pets are, and recognise the positive difference they make to our lives.

Animal Welfare League NSW believes that Love Your Pet Day should be every day, and to help you and your pet make the most of your precious time together, we have listed some of our favourite ways to show your pet just how much they mean to you.

You are their whole world

It really doesn’t take much effort to make your pet feel special. When you walk through the door, your pet couldn’t be happier to see you. There is nothing they want more than to spend good quality time by your side. When you put on your shoes and grab the leash, your dog is happily wagging their tail with an eager face – ready to explore the world! A simple pat, and a loving cuddle is more than enough to tell your pet they are wanted and they are loved. They don’t need expensive items or big birthday celebrations. All they need is you.

It is time to see the vet?

When was the last time your pet visited the vet? The best type of care is making sure your furry companion is safe and healthy, so it’s important to make sure you don’t skip those annual check-ups! Regular vet visits are crucial to ensure your pet is up-to-date with their vaccinations, and that their overall health is in tip-top shape.

Feel and look great

Dogs especially need regular nail clipping to help them with their posture and to keep them pain-free when they walk. Most pets also need regular brushing and depending on the breed of your pet, you may need to do this at least weekly to keep their coat shiny and mat-free. A regular bath will also help your pet stay clean, healthy and smelling great!

Play, play, play

Pet toys can be a great way to play together, and not only can this be loads of fun, but it can also strengthen the bond you share with your pet. A simple cat teaser (toy at the end of a pole) is an interactive and playful way to share time with your feline friends. Puzzle games, like a snuffle mat, are great for dogs and help stimulate them both physically and mentally. Visit your local pet retailer for a range of enrichment toys to prevent boredom and stress.

The great outdoors

Some dogs LOVE going on adventures, and there are some amazing dog-friendly beaches and parks in NSW. When we take our dogs for a trip away, they get the chance to experience new sights, new sounds, and new smells – something really important for that advanced nose of theirs! Not only do they get to spend quality time with their family, but they also have a chance to see the world, something we may take for granted.

Yummy treats

Treats are an easy way to spoil your furry friend, but remember to give treats seldomly and to make sure they are species appropriate to avoid a trip to the vet! There are a huge range of pet treats in the market, but if you’re feeling up to it, why not try making some homemade treats instead? If you’re not up for baking, even creating frozen treats can be a simple way to spoil your pet and keep them cool on hot days. Mix some pet-safe peanut butter with a banana and place the mix into an ice cube tray and freeze.

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