• Choose balanced diets suitable for your dog. Puppies need high protein for energy. Older dogs often need lower calories because they’re less active.
  • See what Animal Welfare League NSW has to offer – we have quality pet food at competitive prices at our shelter and vet clinic. What you spend with us will help support our work
  • Animal Welfare League NSW believes that dogs should be fed high-quality dog food. We sell balanced diets that are right for your dog’s age
  • Check with your vet about any special needs your dog may have – like weight control, sensitive stomach or skin conditions
  • Don’t overfeed your dog. If dogs get too fat this can make them very unhealthy
  • Puppies should be fed small meals regularly, perhaps three or four times a day. By around six months old, a dog can start eating two meals a day

What to avoid

  • Avoid feeding a dog table scraps – they can be high in calories, making your dog fat and unhealthy
  • Especially avoid chocolate, onions, garlic, and macadamia – they can make dogs very sick
  • Avoid cooked bones – these can shatter when chewed and digested, and cause serious illness



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