How to include your pet in your Will.

While it may be an uncomfortable topic, and certainly something most of us do not want to think about, having a plan in place for when we pass away will provide peace of mind – especially if you are a pet owner. 

You might assume that your family or friends will care for your pet in the event of your death but it isn’t something you should leave to chance. Having a conversation now will ensure everyone understands your request. If you haven’t already created one, it might be time to create a Will to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Having your request known and planning for the future will help to ensure your pets are cared for appropriately after you are no longer here. Without a Will, there is no guarantee that the process of rehoming your pets will be done to your satisfaction.

Did you know?

In Australia, pets are considered ‘property’. This means that they can not be a beneficiary and need to be treated as an asset in your Will. Be sure to include how you would like your pet to be cared for, who by, and to note any other important information such as their medical history or preferred veterinary clinic.

The AWL NSW Legacy Program

When creating your Will, consider the future care of your animals. Whomever you choose to care for them, it’s important they understand their responsibility and are prepared to value your animal as much as you do. If you are concerned about the ongoing care for your animal, the Animal Welfare League NSW Legacy Program is there to provide peace of mind that your beloved companion will be cared for into the future. You have the reassurance of knowing that your companion animal will be taken into care immediately upon your death. We have an Emergency Card Program in place for Legacy Pets, ensuring that loved ones or emergency services are able to contact us if needed.

You can also decide whether you’d like us to find a new caring home for your animal or place your animal into permanent foster care under our Guardianship.

Leaving a Bequest to AWL NSW

If animal welfare is an important cause to you, or you would like to help support the vital work of AWL NSW, a bequest will help ensure the protection, care and rights of unwanted, neglected and abandoned animals in your area. It’s how we’re able to identify, research and promote animal welfare issues throughout the community. By leaving a gift in your Will, you are helping to support the vital work of Animal Welfare League NSW in caring for those less fortunate. Your Will is an important document that must be properly prepared and executed. AWL NSW recommends that you seek independent legal advice to make sure your Will is valid and represents your intentions. It is important to advise any executors or guardians of your wishes as this is critical to ensure your final wishes are carried out. Be sure to keep AWL NSW informed of any changes to your Will.

AWL NSW can provide you suggested wording for your Will.

Life can be unpredictable so it is important to know that your pet’s future is assured after you have gone.

For more information about leaving a Bequest to AWL NSW or about our Legacy Program, please call 02 8899 3333 or email bequest@awlnsw.com.au

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