Milko Transformation

Milko was covered in dirt, riddled with fleas, and suffering a serious eye infection when he turned up on our doorstep.

It is only through the financial support of people like you that we were able to save him.

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At the tender age of four years old, when he should have been living the pampered life with his owner, Milko found himself wandering the streets alone with a severe eye injury.

Hungry, filthy and in pain, this beautiful scruffy Maltese mix may have met an unsavoury fate on the roadside if it weren’t for a kind stranger who picked him up and brought him to Animal Welfare League NSW.

With his left eye crusted over with pus and blood, it was clear that little Milko was in desperate need of medical attention, and although we are not an impound facility, we admitted him to our veterinary hospital immediately.

Based on his woeful condition, we think that Milko was wandering the streets for a few days at least.

Although we tried to find his owner and get him home, sadly, no one came forward to claim him.

Examination by our veterinary staff revealed that Milko’s left eye was so badly damaged that it was barely functional, leaving us with no option but to remove it.

After his operation, the difference in his demeanour was astonishing to everyone who knew him – Milko went from being a shy, wary dog to one who actively sought out human affection…a complete transformation in personality overnight!

With his fur cleaned up, his health restored, and a renewed zest for life, Milko was quickly adopted by a long-term volunteer named Flora, who told us recently that there isn’t a day that goes by where she doesn’t share a laugh with her new fur-baby.

Milko has had an unbelievable journey…from being critically ill and abandoned on the streets of western Sydney, to living pain-free with a new loving family.

It is not an exaggeration to say that without the support of our donors, we simply could not have saved Milko.

His case alone cost us well into the thousands, and we treat many injured strays and medical surrenders a month.

Please, donate today to provide real support to these sick or injured animals who have no one else to rely on – your donation could save a life and provide another happy ending like Milko’s.


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