Animal Welfare League NSW stands at a critical juncture in our mission to care for abandoned animals. The crisis of animal abandonment has reached unprecedented levels, stretching the resources of shelters, rescues, and pounds across our communities. In response to this, we’re proud to announce a transformative initiative aimed at reshaping the landscape of animal care. 

With the support of the NSW Government and our team, AWL NSW is investing in an innovative animal care precinct at our West Hoxton site. This new precinct is not just a building, but a beacon of hope for animals in need and a testament to our commitment to their well-being. 

The heart of this precinct will house three essential centers: 

  1. Inspectorate Command Centre: Equipped with 27 kennels and 25 cat condos, this center will serve as the nerve center of our regulatory efforts statewide. It will coordinate activities across regional hubs in Far South Coast, Central West, and Northwest NSW, ensuring a comprehensive approach to animal welfare enforcement. 
  2. Respite Centre for Victims of Domestic Violence: Recognising the intimate bond between humans and their animal companions, we’re establishing a respite center with 15 kennels and 25 cat condos. This facility will provide emergency care for animals belonging to domestic violence victims, offering them a safe haven while their human counterparts seek refuge. 
  3. Council Overflow Assistance Centre: With 21 kennels and 50 cat condos initially, this center will assist councils and organisations in rehoming companion animals. By leveraging AWL NSW’s renowned animal care programs, we aim to give every animal the best chance at finding a loving forever home. 

Additionally, our long-term strategy includes a master plan for our Kemps Creek site, including the re-development of our veterinary facility to meet the growing demands of animal care.  

The establishment of AWL NSW’s innovative animal care precinct marks a pivotal moment in the fight against animal abandonment and drives our purpose to improve the lives of companion animals. We eagerly look forward to the commencement of the build, which will bring these visionary plans to life and make a significant impact on animal welfare. 

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