We wanted to share good news with you. But we don’t have any. Not yet.
Cleo still urgently needs your help. Her road to recovery is not over. The fight has just begun.
And her vet bill is now into the thousands…

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Cleo the Bulldog Condition

At the start of the year. Cleo the Bulldog came to us with a multitude of health issues including severe flea infestation, sores that oozed foul-smelling pus and blood, and ears that were in an abysmal state. Unfortunately, that is not where Cleo’s extensive list of medical issues end. Cleo has been referred to a specialist orthopaedic surgeon, and the news isn’t good. Cleo has something called Bilateral Cruciate Disease, which requires specialist surgery. It means that Cleo’s cruciate ligaments have partially ruptured, causing a chronic injury due to the wear and tear on her bones, ligaments, and joints. This has led to the development of arthritis. All of this on top of her pre-existing medical conditions we are working so hard to combat.

When we struggle to get through some of the worst cases, it is kind supporters that give us the strength to keep on going. That’s why we’re asking you to make a tax-deductible donation to our Inspectorate team by 30th June 2019. Just a small donation will help us continue to answer the calls and cries for help to save pets who need urgent attention — pets like Cleo the Bulldog.

The goal is to repair each cruciate ligament within two to four weeks of each other. We need your help to make this possible, we need your help to end the pain of Cleo’s debilitating disease. If it is not corrected, Cleo’s arthritis will only worsen, leading to chronic lameness in both limbs and may eventually progress to a full tear of the cruciate ligament. Poor Cleo is currently being managed by the veterinary team with pain relief and arthritis medication. With your help, we can change Cleo’s life. Please donate to assist our veterinary clinic get specialist treatment for Cleo and animals just like her, so they can have the second chance that they deserve. As a charity, we rely heavily on your support to help provide animals like Cleo the care that they desperately need.

Adding to Cleo’s already growing needs, we are continuing to treat a multitude of health issues. These include; hip dysplasia, mild entropian which causes Cleo’s eyelids to roll in, and dry eye causing the inadequate production of tears. Cleo is seeing yet another specialist for her eyes, and our veterinary team are treating Cleo’s eyes with medication to reduce inflammation and immunomodulation. While also providing Cleo with antibiotics to prevent any further infection.

This gorgeous bulldog has suffered long enough, and our veterinary team is doing everything they can to ensure the road to recovery is as quick and pain-free as possible. We need your help. Without people like you, we just don’t know how long Cleo’s journey to recovery will be.

Our veterinary team has also diagnosed Cleo with Brachycephalic Airway Disease – a common issue with breeds such as pugs and bulldogs where their genetic make-up make it difficult for them to breathe. Through a thorough investigation, the veterinary team have decided that surgical intervention is not immediately necessary but could potentially lead to further complications in the future.

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Cleo the Bulldog

In our care, Cleo is now on her way to getting better. Her ears beginning to heal, her eyes are looking better and she has put on weight. But there is still a long road ahead. Cleo’s skin is also getting better. Our veterinary team has provided Cleo with antiparasitics, medicated washes, medication to relieve itching, and antibiotics to assist with any bacteria on her skin. Cleo will still need ongoing treatment due to the severity of the damage.

We wish we didn’t have to respond to cruelty reports. We wish we didn’t have to have an Inspectorate team. We wish animals like Cleo didn’t need to suffer as they do … but until animals stop needing us, we promise to be there to save them – with your support.

If you can, please consider a donation, no matter how small.
Every dollar helps our Inspectors continue to save lives like Cleo. She needed us, and we were there for her thanks to you!

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