NSW Animal Cruelty Laws Under Review.

Our Inspectors need your support to continue helping animals across NSW.

Animal Welfare League NSW has been caring for animals for 61 years, responding to calls for help and rescuing animals from cruelty and neglect. We are proud to offer the services of our shelters, veterinary hospital, behaviour team, foster care network and volunteer branches across NSW – all supported by the vital work of the AWL NSW Inspectorate team. 

The Animal Welfare League NSW Inspectorate responded to over 1,292 complaints in the last financial year resulting in 1,944 separate investigations. In addition to responding to cruelty concerns and enforcing animal cruelty laws, the AWL NSW Inspectorate provides aid to the community by providing education as well as supplying handouts to the homeless.

Our Inspectors also sit on advisory committees, perform animal rescues and assist other agencies such as the Department of Primary Industries, National Parks, Police, and Local Councils.

The AWL NSW Inspectorate has been vital to assisting with recent drought-handouts to NSW farmers and those living in financial hardship.

On 8 August 2019, the NSW Legislative Council established a select committee to inquire into the administration of animal cruelty legislation in NSW. The committee is chaired by The Hon. Mark Pearson MLC, member of the Animal Justice Party. The review will investigate the Animal Welfare League NSW’s Inspectorate’s role in enforcing the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979.

The committee was established to inquire and report on the effectiveness of arrangements for the administration and enforcement of the laws of New South Wales for the protection of animals from cruelty. In accordance with the resolution of the Legislative Council, the committee began its inquiry in the third week of October 2019 and will report by 2 April 2020.

As part of this inquiry, the committee is seeking the views of interested stakeholders via an online questionnaire. Responses are due by Friday 29 November 2019.


In addition to the survey, organisations and individuals seeking to provide more detailed responses can make submissions. Submissions are also due by Friday 29 November 2019. Click here to learn how to submit a submission.


If you believe in the incredible work of the Animal Welfare League NSW Inspectorate team and wish to continue your support in helping them save the lives of animals in need across the state, then please complete the survey and let the NSW State Government know that you trust in the work of Animal Welfare League NSW.

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Mark Slater
Chief Executive Officer
Animal Welfare League NSW

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