11 – 17 November.

Celebrating the amazing relationship we share with our furry friends

Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Week was created to help recognise the important bond that we share with our pets and to help promote safer and more compassionate attitudes towards animal welfare. To celebrate, Animal Welfare League NSW encourages all pet owners to do something extra special for their pets, or simply click to donate to an animal welfare organisation on their behalf.

For most of us, our pets are cherished family members who dramatically improve and enrich our daily lives. Pets not only give us companionship and unconditional love, but they also have a key part in the quality of our life.

Here are our top three ways pets cans improve our lives:

  • Physical Benefits – When you’re home it’s almost impossible to ignore your pet that’s probably begging for your attention. Even if it’s after a long day of work, it’s hard to just sit on the couch or lay in bed without showing your pet some attention. You are more likely to go on daily walks and be more active when you have a lively dog. Even with a purry friend, you are bound to drag a toy across the room for entertainment. This regular activity has been said to help reduce pet parents’ blood pressure and make you less likely to get heart disease.
  • Mental Health -When petting your dog or cat, did you know that a relaxation hormone is released that helps soothe and ease the likelihood of stress, anxiety and also potentially lowers your blood pressure. Cats also have a therapeutic purr which can help turn a frown upside down. Pets can often provide a sense of worth and purpose for some pet owners and help give their life meaning or a more positive outlook.
  • Social Benefit – It’s a great feeling to know someone is always there for you, unconditionally no matter how you feel or look on any given day. Pets can provide us with a sense of belonging and help improve our social interactions. We know pets can be a great ice-breaker for awkward situations, especially when your furry companion is making your laugh or bringing a smile to your face. Dog owners who join their local training club often find themselves rewarded with positive social interaction from like-minded pet owners.

Here are our top three ways to spoil our pets:

  • Yummy treats – Treats are an easy way to spoil your furry friend but remember to give treats seldomly and to make sure they are species appropriate to avoid a trip to the vet! There is a huge range of pet treats in the market, but if you’re feeling up to it, why not try making some homemade treats instead? If you’re not up for baking, even creating frozen treats can be a simple way to spoil your pet and keep them cool on hot days. Mix some pet-safe peanut butter with a banana and place the mix into an ice cube tray and freeze.
  • It is time to see the vet? – When was the last time your pet visited the vet? The best type of care is making sure your furry companion is safe and healthy, so it’s important to make sure you don’t skip those annual check-ups! Regular vet visits are crucial to ensure your pet is up-to-date with their vaccinations, and that their overall health is in tip-top shape.
  • Play, play, play – Pet toys can be a great way to play together, and not only can this be loads of fun, but it can also strengthen the bond you share with your pet. A simple cat teaser (toy at the end of a pole) is an interactive and playful way to share time with your feline friends. Puzzle games, like a snuffle mat, are great for dogs and help stimulate them both physically and mentally. Visit your local pet retailer for a range of enrichment toys to prevent boredom and stress.

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