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Animal Welfare League NSW must raise $150,000 to care for an exceptional influx of animals.

Please donate what you can to help animals like Ellie and her pups.

Please donate whatever you can today and help give every animal in need the same life-saving care we gave little Ellie and her ten beautiful pups. 

Animal Welfare League NSW has an enormous problem that we need your help to solve. Never before have so many cats and dogs depended on us for their lives.

Right now, we’re caring for over 600 cats and dogs at our shelters and foster homes, and the numbers are rising steadily – putting an enormous extra strain on our limited resources.

To cope, Animal Welfare League staff and volunteers are taking as many animals as they can into their homes, including large families of puppies and kittens. They are doing everything they can to give needy, desperate animals the chance of a good life.

But what our shelter teams can’t do on their own is come up with the $150,000 we need to raise to help pay for all the extra food, vet bills and rehoming costs.

This is the enormous problem that we can’t solve on our own. It’s the reason why we are asking every animal lover to please help us with an urgent online donation.

Your gift will be used to help give abused, abandoned and neglected dogs and cats the chance of a good life, including pregnant animals like Ellie, who came within days of giving birth on the street.

Ellie is a gentle and loving Corgi-cross that was found living rough just 2km from our Kemps Creek shelter.

Although abandoned and suffering from a severe eye infection, Ellie was only too happy to join Inspector Ian Hughes when he came to collect her in his van. It was as if she knew that giving birth in the searing heat would be a disaster – and that getting a lift to our shelter would be best for her babies.

And Ellie wasn’t wrong. Because when Ellie later delivered her puppies in the safety of our cool clinic, it turned out that she was carrying a very big litter indeed.

With the assistance of our vets, Ellie delivered ten healthy puppies. And two days later, when she’d recovered her strength, she and her family were given a temporary foster home with the President of our Board, Christine Richardson.

Today, Ellie and her family of rapidly growing fur bundles are happy, healthy and really enjoying life together. And soon the search will begin to find them their loving forever homes.

How different things would have been if we’d not been able to afford to save Ellie from the street that day. Whether because of the heat or starvation, there is little chance the family would have survived. And eleven beautiful animals would have died by the side of the road.

That’s why it’s so critically important that we have enough funds to care for every animal who needs our help – even when it means finding enough money to treat, feed, shelter and rehome not just one animal, but as many as ten or more.

The alternative would be to leave animals like Ellie and their babies to suffer unimaginably distressing deaths – and at Animal Welfare League, we don’t consider that an alternative at all.

If you don’t either, then please help us cope with the unprecedented influx of helpless dogs, cats, kittens and puppies by donating a gift today.

Our staff and volunteers have the energy, expertise and determination to get through this difficult time. And with your gift today to help pay for food, shelter, medical bills and rehousing, they will have the funds too.

Thank you for your help at this critical time.

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